The success and final outcome of this report would not be possible without the guidance and assistance from many people. The Department of Public Health of Aruba (DPH) would like to thank European Union (EU) for the finances given to execute this project. Special thanks go to Pan American HIVContinue Reading

Voor u ligt het rapport “GOA Gezondheidsstatistieken 2016/2017, Deelrapport Gezondheidsstatistieken”. Dit rapport, opgesteld door de Directie Volksgezondheid, is in september 2018 aangeboden aan de Minister van Toerisme, Volksgezondheid en Sport. Het Deelrapport Gezondheidsstatistieken presenteert de belangrijkste resultaten van data opgehaald door middel van het Gezondheidsonderzoek Aruba (GOA), welke eind 2016Continue Reading

Worldwide, health systems confront changes in demographic factors, changes in lifestyle factors and changes in morbidity and mortality. In addition, the healthcare sector also has to deal with an acceleration of technological developments and increasing scarcity on the labour market. All this results in raising costs that will increase uncontrollablyContinue Reading

This is the first publication of the Health Monitor Aruba. The Health Monitor will be published every 4 years and will give an overall view of the health of the population of Aruba. It provides vital information on the physical and mental health of the population of Aruba and itContinue Reading

STEPS Aruba 2006 Download: STEPS_Aruba_2006_Data_Book STEPS_ARUBA_2006_Risky_Living Download items: STEPS_Aruba_2006_Data_Book – – (5 MB) STEPS_ARUBA_2006_Risky_Living – – (2 MB)Continue Reading

Causes of Death Download items: ab-3-01 Causes of Death, 1994-2007 – – (65 kB) ab-3-02 Causes of Death, 1997-2007, Males – – (43 kB) ab-3-03 Causes of death, 1997-2007, Females – – (43 kB) ab-3-04 Causes of death by age, 2000-2007, Males – – (93 kB) ab-3-05 Causes of deathContinue Reading

Contraceptive Methods Download items: ab2-03 New Acceptors of Contraceptive Methods provided by the Family Planning Foundation, 1994-2006 – – (20 kB) ab2-02 Number of Acceptors Visits to the Family Planning Foundation,2004-2008 – – (30 kB)Continue Reading

Persons with limitations Download items: ab 4.04 Absolute and relative number of handicapped persons by age and sex, 1991;2000 – – (35 kB) ab 4.05 Absolute number of persons with limitations by type of limitation, age and sex, in the year 2000 – – (23 kB) ab 4.06 Relative numberContinue Reading

Visits to physician and specialist Download items: ab 7.01 Vaccination against preventable diseases under children 0-4 years of age by district, 2001-2003 – – (21 kB) ab 8.03 Physicians/specialists and dentists/orthodontists per 1000 inhabitants and number of inhabitants per physician/specialist and dentist/orthodontist, 1989-2008 – – (20 kB) ab 8.05 NumberContinue Reading