Quarterly Demographic Bulletin 2014 with the data on population and vital statistics. These are the monthly published quarterly demographic changes, including data on births, deaths and migration collected from the Population Registry Office. Population estimates are based on the latest Census held in 2010 and are updated according to the recordingsContinue Reading

Currently the question is rather ‘who does not have a computer or laptop in the home’ or ‘who does not own a mobile phone’, than ‘who owns one’. The same applies to the question ‘who does not have internet connection in the home’. In the last decade, developments in theContinue Reading

This article describes the divorced persons based on characteristics such as: age, sex, religion, country of birth, nationality, education, age at marriage, family composition, childcare, labor and income of divorced persons based on information collected during the 2010 Aruba Census and on other administrative sources. Download items: Profil di eContinue Reading

Profile of Aruba’s Children   Download items: Profile of Aruba’s Children (click to download) – – One in every four persons on Aruba is younger than 18 years. They represent both the present and the future of our country. Their social and economic circumstances reflect those of their parents as,Continue Reading