The current publication is part of a series based on the fifth Population and Housing Census of Aruba, which was held in September-October 2010. It
provides visual insight into the regional distribution of many social, economic, and demographic indicators for Aruba. By presenting the data as
maps, the atlas provides a graphical image of the distribution of important demographic, social and economic characteristics of the people living in
Aruba. The atlas is a joint operation of a small team of staff members working at the Central Bureau of Statistics of Aruba. The activities were
coordinated by Drs. M.R. Vigelandzoon as were the drawing up of the tables. Mr. Randy van der Biezen and Mr. Hubert de Cuba were entrusted
with drawing up maps, using the computer program ‘Mapinfo’.
We hope that this publication will help regional planners with their work and that it will provide the public with a better understanding of the
regional differences in Aruba.

Drs. M.J. Balkestein
Director Central Bureau of Statistics, Aruba.

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