The job of the Central Bureau of Statistics is to keep the Government and the community as a whole informed about trends and changes in our country and to do so, gathers statistical data on a regular basis and conducts surveys to gain insight into specific characteristics of our society.

To be able to study changes in the structure of enterprises, each year administrative data is gathered
from the tax authorities and supplemented by data received from the Social Security Bank.

This project is coordinated by Mr.  J.A. Hernandez, B.Sc and  is  conducted  in April  and May  of
each year. The current  report presents  the  results of  this  research and gives a description of  the
characteristics of the companies and the working population.

The Central Bureau  of  Statistics  hopes  that  this publication will provide  all  the users with  the
necessary information. For comments and further information, feel free to contact us.

The Director of the Central Bureau of Statistics
Drs. Ing. Martijn J. Balkestein
Oranjestad, April 2011

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