The information which is collected during the Population Census will (anonymously) be used by a large number of government departments and other non government organisations. The information obtained during the Census will be used for policy-making, planning and administrative purposes. For instance, assistance to vulnerable groups in our community (such as handicapped individuals and the elderly), can only be organised in a proper manner, if the number and characteristics of these groups are fully known and understood.

Additionally, the Census is a valuable source of information for companies and industries. For an effective planning of the labor market it is necessary to have reliable information on the size and composition of the local labor force.

In what manner the information obtained during the Census will be used by the community, is completely dependent on the quality of the data. Two basic elements determine the quality of the Census:

  • The completeness of the population and housing count: i.e. the more persons contribute to the census and provide information to the interviewers, the better.
  • The quality of the collected information. If participants do not provide correct information, it will create an incorrect impression of the living conditions of our population.

Thus, to optimize the quality and usability of the census data, it is paramount that all individuals on Aruba is counted and that all participants provide correct information. In previous censuses, the cooperation of the population was excellent. The Central Bureau of Statistics rely on all citizens of Aruba to contribute to the progress of our country and to cooperate with Census 2020. For all of us living in Aruba, contributing to the Census is a reflection national pride and love for our country.