• At all living quarters.
    There are different typoes of living quarters on Aruba. According to international definitions, a living quarter is occupied by one household. There are different types of living quarters, such as for example; a house, a ‘cuarto’, an apartment, a trailer, a tent etc.
  • At institutions
    Individuals living in institutions will also be counted. Institutions are for example:

      • Hotels
      • Elderly homes (Maristella, Paviljoen, San Pedro)
      • Orphanages (Casa Cuna, Imeldahof)
      • Hospital
      • Prison (KIA)
      • Collective living quarters for workers of certain companies
      • Respaldo(psychiatric institution)
      • Military base (Marinierskazerne)
  • Day and night, during the week and the weekend.
    Enumerators will put all their effort in obtaining the necessary information and counting all individuals and living quarters on Aruba. For this purpose, enumerators will work every day, day and night, during weekdays and in the weekend, to make sure they encounter as much individuals at home as possible. Nowadays, a large number of individuals has a job, and portion of these individuals work shifts. For this reason, the Central Bureau of Statistics will do its best to ensure the participation of as many individuals as possible to the Census 2020. Only with the cooperation of each and everyone, Census 2020 can be a success!
  • Homeless individuals will be taken into account
    Individuals without a home are also part of our community and will therefore also be counted and interviewed. A special enumeration team of Census 2020 will be in charge of interviewing this group of individuals.