Who will be counted?
• Who will be counted?
All individuals living on Aruba on Census night.
The Population Census in Aruba is a ‘de jure’ enumeration. Only persons having their usual residence on Aruba are counted. Persons with usual residence on Aruba are:
o persons who, at the time of the Census, had been living on Aruba for one year ort longer and
o persons who, at the time of the Census, had been living on Aruba for less than one year, but who have the intention to remain on the island for one year or longer.

• Who will also be counted?
o All individuals without taking their legal status into consideration, including individuals without a legal permit to stay on the island.
o All homeless individuals, including ‘chollers’. All individuals forming part of our community will be counted;
o Persons who died after the Census night, but before the interview took place;
o Persons living in institutions, like the Hospital, Maristella, Imeldahof, Casa Cuna. Marinierskazerne, KIA, etc. These individuals will be counted by a special team.

• Who will not be counted?
o Tourists (not even if born on Aruba);
o Persons living less than 1 year on Aruba;
o Arubans living abroad (including those studying abroad);
o Dutch Military staying on Aruba for less than 1 year;
o Other persons staying on Aruba for work for less than one year.

How will the enumeration take place?
• Aruba will be divided in districts.
The organization of the Census can be compared to a military operation. In just one week, the whole country must be covered and all households must be visited. In order to do this, the CBS divides Aruba in 60 enumeration districts. All the canvassing activities within each district will be coordinated by a head enumerator. The head enumerators will do their job in a Census office in their designated enumeration district.

• Each enumeration district will be subdivided into 20 to 25 enumeration blocks. During the Census week, the enumerators will visit all households in their enumeration blocks and interview all persons in the encountered households. Each enumeration block consists of some 30 living quarters. Each enumerator will be assigned to one enumeration block, in which he/she must visit all living quarters and interview everyone, who at the time of the Census, had been living on Aruba for one year or longer or who had been living on Aruba for less than one year, but have the intention to remain on Aruba for one year or longer. The questionnaires must be filled in by the enumerator himself/herself.

• Each person will be interviewed personally.
The enumerators will personally interview each person. In case a person is not found at home, after the enumerator has checked several times, another person belonging to the same household can provide the enumerator with information on the person in question (for example, age, education level, work-status, income etc.). Parents/guardian(s) can answer the questions for their children.

The enumerator(s) will visit all households during the Census week. They will go around day and night trying to count every person and household. The Central Bureau of Statistics requests everyone to try to be at home answer all the questions in a correct and concise manner. When it is not possible for you to attend an enumerator, make an appointment with her/him. When making an appointment, make you are at home on the scheduled day and time.