• Concept and definitions for household and living quarter characteristics.
Household: A household if formed by 1 or more persons living together, who have common arrangements for subsistence (food, other necessities,etc…). Household types are for examples: Household consisting of 1 person, households consisting of more persons, collective households and homeless individuals.

Living quarter is a building (or part of a building) or any kind of construction (of any kind of material) in which one household resides or that has been renovated in such a manner that allows one household to reside in it. A construction is a living quarter (permanent or temporary) in which oen household resides (e.g. a living quarter could also be a trailer, a tent, a caravan, a boat, etc). A building can consists of more than one living quarter.

• Concepts and definitions for person and family characteristics.
Family nuclei and persons living alone:
During the Census, the household will be the basis of all collected data. Under the household cape, all individuals will be counted and interviewed. Households will be categorized in two different types: nuclear households and households consisting of one person. For a more practical data collection and processing, individuals living alone will be considered as a family consisting of one person. A nucleus family is for example:

  1. A married couple without children
  2. A married couple with children (biological or adopted) who were never married A father with one or more children (biological or adopted) who were never married
  3. A mother with one or more children (biological or adopted) who were never married

Reference Person:

Questions regarding the living quarter will be, in most cases, asked to the reference person. The reference person is the owner of the living quarter (if in ownership) or the one responsible for paying the rent (if the living quarter is rented). In case the living quarter has more than one owner or more than one person is responsible for paying the rent, the eldest person is chosen.