This is the first publication of the Health Monitor Aruba. The Health Monitor will be published every 4 years and will give an overall view of the health of the population of Aruba. It provides vital information on the physical and mental health of the population of Aruba and itContinue Reading

A yearly publication that provides figures on: population, health, construction and utilities, politics, education, labor, business, tourism, traffic, transport and communication, foreign trade, money and banking, macro economic aspects, public finance, prices, social affairs, justice and climate. Download items: SY 2013 final – – (5 MB)Continue Reading

Monthly Bulletin – Business and Economy Information regarding CPI, International Aspects, Utilities, Water and Electricity Distribution, Foreign Trade and Tourism. Download items: April 2013 in Review – – (4 MB) August 2013 in Review – – (2 MB) February 2013 in Review – – (3 MB) January 2013 in ReviewContinue Reading