Annual publication with a diverse digest of statistical information about several themes: Population, Public Health, Construction and Utilities, Politics, Education, Labor, Business, Tourism, Traffic, Transport & Communication, Foreign Trade, Money and Banking, Macro Economic Aspects, Public Finance, Prices, Social Affairs, Climate and Housing. Download items: 05-02 H Statistical Orientation 2006Continue Reading

A yearly publication that provides figures on: population, health, construction and utilities, politics, education, labor, business, tourism, traffic, transport and communication, foreign trade, money and banking, macro economic aspects, public finance, prices, social affairs, justice and climate. Download items: 05-02 H Statistical Yearbook 2006 – – (3 MB)Continue Reading

AZV Care Seminar, 2006 AZV care seminar part 1 Gezondheidsstatistieken I part 2 Download items: AZV care seminar – – (380 kB) Gezondheidsstatistieken I – – (2 MB)Continue Reading