The living arrangements of the population of Aruba 60 years and older are presented in this info graphic, and it includes information on: type and ownership of living quarters, and region of residence of persons 60 years and older.   Download items: Pilot Census 2019 60+ Living arrangements (English Version)Continue Reading

The characteristics of the population of Aruba 60 years and older are presented in this infographic, and it includes information on: number of 60+, sex, country of birth, nationality, marital status and household composition.   Download items: Pilot Census 60+ characteristics (English Version) – – (655 kB) Pilot Census 60+Continue Reading

This table reflects the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for Aruba for the years 2013 up to 2018. Please be advised that 2018 figures are preliminary. Added on 21 jan 2021: Excel document with figures of GDB (2013 – 2018)   Download items: Gross Domestic Product 2013-2018 – – (184 kB)Continue Reading

The availability of rooms, bathrooms and toilets in the living quarter of the population of Aruba 60 years and older are presented in this infographic. A room is a space in a living quarter that is enclosed by walls and covered by a roof. Rooms include bedrooms, a dining room,Continue Reading

The availability of hand washing facilities with soap in the living quarter. This question was adapted to fit the criteria included in the calculation of indicator 6.2.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation). Download items: Pilot Census 2019 – Hand washing facilities (English Version)Continue Reading

  Economic structures Education Health and related services Public life & decision making Human rights   Economic structures Indicator Custodian agencies Males Females Source of information Labour force participation rate for persons aged 15-24 and 15+, by sex ILO 40.9 36.9 Labor Force Survey, 2017. Directorate of Labor and Research,Continue Reading

Description Period Value Inflation Monthly change Jun-19 0.7% End of period Jun-19 4.8% Period average Jun-19 4.6% GDP of Aruba (preliminary) 2017 Afl.5,471 Mln Airport Commercial Landings Dec YTD 2015 17,546 (+20,93%) Airport Arrivals Foreigners Dec YTD 2014 1,100,334 (+10.7%) Government Tax Revenue Year 2018 1,141.5 Total population 2nd QRTContinue Reading

The following info-graphic report contains information about the total cost, insurance & freight (CIF) value of imported goods of alcoholic beverages in 2018. he ‘Imports to Aruba (Free Circulation Area)’ and the ‘Imports to the Free Zone’ are merely analyzed by alcoholic categories, sea/air and regions. The Import to theContinue Reading