This series of publications includes six papers that describe each, at the interface between society, economy and environment, a different aspect of the Aruban landscape.
The aim is to provide information about environmental issues that we face on our road to sustainability. The condition of the landscape is important as it plays a role as intermediator between the society, condition of the environment and economic progress.
In this series, we review information from the past to bring perspective to the current state of our environment and describe the dynamics of the landscape and living conditions to help understand the opportunities and challenges that we face.  Also, we make a first step towards the determination of the themes that should be included into a spatially oriented information database. In order to serve a sustainable decision-support, this base information library should include a multiversity of data about themes that shape the relationships and influence the interplay between the society, economy and the local environment.
The series of papers does not pretend to be complete, but merely details some of the issues that appear relevant at present in Aruba.

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