Production is the main source of wealth in any society. Only through production is it
possible to generate value added. Part of this value added on its turn is transformed
into categories of income, like wages, taxes, dividends, etc., which is used by
businesses and households for their own purposes. The analysis of production is
therefore central in economic analysis and economic policy. One important way to
analyze production is by looking at the cost structure of businesses. This gives
insight on how the production process is organized and can be used as benchmark
for the performance of individual businesses in our economy.

With the current publication “Cost structure of businesses: 2000 – 2008”, the Central
Bureau of Statistics provide relevant yearly data on sales and expenses of businesses
on Aruba. This information is given for the main industrial sectors of the economy of
Aruba. By providing information on  the cost structure of businesses on a regular
basis, the Central Bureau of Statistics hopes to contribute to the well being of
businesses on Aruba.

The publication “Cost structure of businesses: 2000 – 2008” is mainly a product of the
department of National Accounts. A special thanks goes to mr. Harold R.T. Helder,
Bac., who is internally responsible for this publication. A word of thanks goes to the
data – suppliers and supporters who contributed in any way to this publication.

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