In the following we describe a framework for nature
and environmental statistics to acknowledge its place
within the CBS in Aruba and to acquire the benefit of
cooperation with other environmentally-oriented
institutions in Aruba. Adequate information on the
local environment and surrounding nature plays an
important role in economic debates. At current
national administrations are inadequately equipped to
meet such needs on their own. On the international
level of political debate, governments are faced
increasingly with environment-related issues.
Regularly, directives from organizations like the UN,
WHO, OECD and EU aim to encourage
governments to provide information about the status
of the environment, the abundance of natural
resources or the consumption of water and energy
resources. Moreover, Aruba’s growing economy and
suburbanization is often faced with economic as well
as social pressure to preserve remaining natural
areas, protect its healthy environment and maintain
adequate scenery for tourism. There is an intrinsic
need for reliable information at the interface
between the environment, the economy and the
community. However, in Aruba such information
when available may be unknown to those who need
it as information may be spread between the
different departments or be outdated. An adequate,
central and easy accessible environmental
knowledge-base is lacking.

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