The following info-graphic report contains information about the total and average values of imported goods between 2014 and 2018. The ‘Imports to Aruba (Free Circulation Area)’ and the ‘Imports to the Free Zone’ are merely analyzed by import country, ISIC economic activity and chapter code and excludes data from crudeContinue Reading

Description Period Value Inflation Monthly change Jun-19 0.7% End of period Jun-19 4.8% Period average Jun-19 4.6% GDP of Aruba (preliminary) 2017 Afl.5,471 Mln Airport Commercial Landings Dec YTD 2015 17,546 (+20,93%) Airport Arrivals Foreigners Dec YTD 2014 1,100,334 (+10.7%) Government Tax Revenue Year 2018 1,141.5 Total population 2nd QRTContinue Reading