Profile of Aruba’s Children (click to download)

Profile of Aruba's Children (click to download)

One in every four persons on Aruba is younger than 18 years. They represent both the present and the future of our
country. Their social and economic circumstances reflect those of their parents as, for most, they are dependent on
their parents. In this report the focus is on ‘minors’, children under the age of 18 who, according to the 2010 Census,
were never married, were not living together with a partner and did not have children of their own (In essence, not
having children of their own only applies to girls as in the 2010 Census this question was only asked to girls/women
14 years of age and older). Most of the data is presented from the children’s perspective. This report provides
information on different aspects of children’s lives, such as the composition of their household, their household
environment, school attendance, after school care, economic circumstances and health status. Statistics on children
provide valuable information on the social and economic circumstances of our children. Information is derived from
the 2010 Census and is compared, where possible, to previous Censuses. By making these statistics available, the
Central Bureau of Statistics hopes to achieve a better understanding of the living circumstances of children of Aruba
and in that manner contribute to a better tomorrow for these children and their families.