The Census 2020 will take place on the 1st October until the 10th  of October 2020. During this week, our enumerators will visit each and every living quarter on Aruba in order to count all individuals and all living quarters. All individuals who, on Census night, have had their usual residence on Aruba for one year or longer and all individual who have had their usual residence on Aruba for less than one year, but who have intend to stay on Aruba for at least one year, will be enumerated. In case no one if found at home, the enumerator will leave behind a card with the date of the next visit. The Central Bureau of Statistics requests each and every one who receives this card to make sure they are at home on the date and time mentioned on the card. If it is not possible for you to be home, please contact the team of the Central Bureau of Statistics in charge of conducting the Census.