The general government sector according to SNA 1993 consists of the public authorities corresponding to the different ministries:

  1. the “Dienst Openbare Werken”(DOW),
  2. the “Landsontwikkelingsproject” (LOP),
  3. the “Sociale Verzekeringsbank” (SVB),
  4. the “Algemene Ziektekostenverzekering” (AZV),
  5. and the private non-profit institutions with salary subsidy from the government.

¬†From 2000 onwards “Fondo Desaroyo Aruba” (FDA) is included in the general government sector.The “Staten van Aruba” (Staten) and the “Algemene Rekenkamer Aruba” (ARA) are expected to publish there own annual report for the year 2000 onwards.