This is the first publication of the Health Monitor Aruba. The Health Monitor will be published every 4 years and will give an overall view of the health of the population of Aruba. It provides vital information on the physical and mental health of the population of Aruba and itContinue Reading

STEPS Aruba 2006 Download: STEPS_Aruba_2006_Data_Book STEPS_ARUBA_2006_Risky_Living Download items: STEPS_Aruba_2006_Data_Book – – (5 MB) STEPS_ARUBA_2006_Risky_Living – – (2 MB)

Currently the question is rather ‘who does not have a computer or laptop in the home’ or ‘who does not own a mobile phone’, than ‘who owns one’. The same applies to the question ‘who does not have internet connection in the home’. In the last decade, developments in theContinue Reading