The following visualization contains information about the total cost, insurance & freight (CIF) value of imported goods for the Aruban food and non-food segments for the period of 2019 till May 2020.

The ‘Imports to Aruba (Free Circulation Area)’ and the ‘Imports to the Free Zone’ are also  analyzed by changes in millions and percentages.

The Foreign Trade Statistics (FTS) 2015-2020 publication, contains information on Imports to Aruba and Imports to the Free Zone Aruba. Comparisons can be made between years, quarters and months in the period of 2019 up to May 2020. The data for the years 2015 – 2017 is final and the data for 2018 till 2020 is preliminary.

Special thanks also go to the Customs Department “Departamento di Aduana Aruba (Douane)” (our data-supplier and supporter).